We have worked as corporate finance and strategic growth advisers for healthcare companies in sectors including diagnostics, women’s health and fertility, healthcare services, medical technology and laboratory technology and equipment.

The healthcare sector is growing and evolving rapidly, driven by factors including changing population demographics and technological innovation within medical device design and life sciences.

Acquirers are keen to buy healthcare businesses ranging from digital health app developers to community and home-based care providers. Healthcare investments are also of great interest to the Private Equity and Venture Capital markets. There are numerous healthcare-focused funds, including some established by major healthcare companies, such as InHealth Ventures.

The healthcare sectors also includes many niche markets, where providers of specialist services are using M&A to become the provider of choice. The fertility market is a good example of this trend. Major international IVF companies are expanding into new territories through M&A, and private equity funds are also interested in the space.

Some of our transactions in the sector are highlighted below.

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