External funding for the next phase of your company’s development.

Rockworth can help you find the right source of finance, based on how much you need, how long you need it for and how you intend to use it.

Raising finance with Rockworth

We help companies raise money for various purposes.

Our typical projects include raising development capital to sustain or accelerate growth, financing strategic acquisitions, and securing external backing for MBOs and MBIs.

Since the onset of Covid-19, we have also worked with fundamentally sound businesses that required a short to medium term cash injection to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic.

Depending on your requirements, appropriate funding sources could include:

– Angels or High Net Worth Individuals
– Private Equity funds
– Family Offices
– Venture Capital firms and Corporate Venturers
– Venture Debt providers

We understand that if you are trying to raise finance, your business is probably already going through a busy time.

That’s why we usually take on responsibility for the whole fundraising process, giving you as much time as possible to focus on day-to-day operations.

Ready to talk?

If you’re thinking of raising finance to support the next phase of your business’s development, please get in touch. We would love to talk about your plans and see how we can help you.