Building value

Bespoke consulting that paves the way for successful future transactions.

Getting exit-ready

Early preparation for a sale can make a big difference to the final outcome.

Getting the business ready for due diligence in advance can pave the way for a smoother, easier transaction process.

And by thinking through what a buyer will be looking for, it is often possible to find ways to increase the value of your business before you start the sale process.

We work with clients to think through questions like:

– What does your ideal outcome really look like?
– What might your business be worth today?
– What could you do to achieve a higher valuation in the future?
– What are the risks of selling your company, and what are the alternatives?
– How can you make your business as attractive as possible to a buyer?

We tailor our consulting and value building services for each client. Below, we have set out a few examples of the specific services we can provide.

Exit planning

Exit planning starts with a detailed analysis of your company. We’ll uncover the risks that potential buyers or investors may perceive. And we’ll look for opportunities to increase the business’s value.

After the analysis phase, we support our clients as they complete the work needed to get ready for a transaction.


Valuations are a crucial component of each transaction process that we lead.

But there are also other times when you may want to place a value on your business. These could include share reorganisations, putting in place equity incentives such as EMI schemes, share buybacks, and preparing to raise investment.

We will provide an objective view of the value of your basis, based on all the available evidence and using the valuation methodologies that are most appropriate to your business and industry sector.

Market mapping

Our market mapping reports put your business in context and set out realistic options for future transactions.

Strategic market analysis – investigating value chains, identifying the different players in your industry, and building an understanding of how they are developing.

Relevant transactions – understanding the deals completed in your sector, including structure, valuations, motivations, and how acquisitions are integrated by the buyer.

Target identification – creating a list of potential acquirers and/or vendors that may be worth approaching at a later date.

Rockworth Partners Fund

We developed our Partners Fund to invest in companies that are seeking an exit, but which are not yet able to achieve the sale value desired by the shareholders.

We make an investment at the business’s current valuation, giving the shareholders a partial exit on day one. One of our experienced partners will then join your board of directors and work closely with you to build your company’s value and achieve a full exit. You can find out more here.

Value Vault

Our structured process for preparing to raise funds or sell a business often starts with a questionnaire, designed to tease out potential issues and help you to think about your company from the buyer’s perspective.

You can complete a version this questionnaire online at, with no costs or commitment.

Ready to talk?

If you’re thinking of selling your business, raising money, or planning any other major transactions, please get in touch. We would love to talk about your plans and see how we can help you.