The experience and hands-on managerial skills within the Rockworth team enables us to work closely with clients seeking to make acquisitions.  We bring strategic insight based upon thorough research and a proactive approach from individuals used to doing rather than simply advising.

Having dealt for many years with vendors of owner-managed businesses we understand that the approach to buy a company from potential acquisition candidates is vital, engaging in dialogue and building an understanding of the requirements from the vendor’s side before moving discussions onto a more transactional level.

Whilst we have a significant database of existing connections within the market of UK SME’s, Rockworth will undertake a strategic review, analysis of recent deals and activity, as well as thorough desk-based research in order to build your acquisition strategy.  We remain involved throughout the transaction process, working closely with lawyers and management to ensure successful completion and the beginnings of successful integration – a well-documented requirement for success when making acquisitions.